Monday, August 23, 2010

July Fun

It was my cute dad's birthday, and I missed blogging about it because I'm not quite good at this thing yet. My dad is one of the coolest/amazing guys you will ever meet!! He has the best advice. He always makes me feel better when I'm sad. He's always worrying about other people, and how they are doing. He is so compassionate towards others, and I admire that so much. He's an amazing husband to my mom, and father to his kids. He always keeps us laughing!! He knows so much about the gospel, so every time I have a question I ask him. He cares so much about his children, and always makes sure they know it. He's one of my best friends! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I LOVE YOU!

The cute spongebob that all the kids were fighting over to hit! (and sam)

The kids went swimming, they had a lot of fun!

Washing Sam's car, I had quite an enjoyable time taking pictures.

Relaxing with masks!

Drive in nights! Which usually result in most of us asleep.

Sam's softball games. With his cheerleaders to watch.

The highschool fireworks. The funny part is they started so late we didn't even make it to the fireworks.

The American Fork parade! Where Sam was so proud he broke the wood in half.

Six Flags! So much fun, I love rollar coasters!

The beach

We went to LA, California with our friends Lexi and Billy over the 4th of July. That was so much fun. It was an extremely interesting experience pulling up to our hotel. It had a huge stone fence around it with barbed wire on top. Then we went into our room and who needs room service? They just left us extra popcorn all over the floor. The hairball in the bed was just an added bonus :) Well we got it all pretty much squared away. It was a short trip, but we are thinking we need a new tradition of going with all our friends to the beach every year.