Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Hunger Games

Oh my goodness. So everyone in my family has been telling me to read the hunger games. I always tell myself that I hate to read, but every once in awhile I find a book I can't put down. Well I've had a little more free time so I picked up. I'll tell ya what it catches you right from the start. I read it in 3 days! I can't wait to read the second one. Mom hurry it up :)


We had the chance to go to Florida with BYU for the Florida State/BYU game over the weekend. If you know Sam then you know that he absolutely loves FSU, but I made him stay undercover considering we traveled there with BYU. Needless to say Sam was very excited when they game was over. It was a lot of fun and the fans there are extremely nice. IT WAS SO HOT THOUGH!!! I seriously thought I was going to kill over at any second.

We also took a trip to The Pebble Plantation in Georgia. It was gorgeous! It would be amazing to have that much land, and such a huge house. But hey whats the harm in dreamin big?!

These horses were absolutely massive!

  • These trees were Sams favorite, he wishes we had them at home.

    My beautiful mom that finally decided to come which I'm so happy about! The trip would not have been as fun without her. She's the best!

    Although there wasn't much to do where we were staying, we still found ways to entertain ourselves :)

    It was such a fun trip, and very much needed! Now I'm just counting down the days until our cruise!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


I love love love camping, and I've been begging Sam to take me, and finally we got to go with all our friends! It was such a fun little trip. Jennie and Mike went up earlier in the day to set up a camping spot for us. Mike had to work late so they were going to meet the rest of us up there a little bit later. So me, Sam, Lexi, and Billy all went up to find our camping spot. They told us around where to look, and what color their tent was. So we got to what we thought was the spot, but weren't quite positive. So Lexi and Billy took some of their stuff in the tent. Then the more we thought about it we wanted to make 100% sure that we were at the right place. So Billy and Sam made Lexi go through the bag of stuff that was in the tent. Sure enough she picked up a pair of underwear.. quickly realized what it was and freaked out and threw it back in the bag and ran out. We started a fire, and then the boys still wanted to make sure it was our camping spot. So Billy went in to check the size.. and realized it was a little boys size threw it back in the bag and grabbed all of his and Lexi's stuff out of the tent. Right after that Jennie and Mike pulled up and were confused what we were doing. It turned out it wasn't our camping spot!! We about died when we heard that. We hurry as fast as we could, and put out our fire and headed on our way. SO SO happy the people didn't show up while we were there. That would have been so embarrassing! Anyway we fished, four wheeled a tiny bit, and hung out. The trip was definitely a success! We have such a fun group of friends!

I wanna go in the jeep!

One of my favorite things ever is going for a ride up the canyon in a jeep with the top down. It turns out that I'm not the only one. Dayton, my dad, and my mom love going to. So they were going one night and of course I tagged along. Dayton always says papa I wanna go in the jeep! It was a little chilly, and Dayton fell asleep very fast. It was so so much fun! Now I just have to convince Sam that jeeps are amazing so that someday I can get one!!

Esthetics Friends

The other week I got the chance to get together with my esthetics friends. They are my favorite!! It is crazy how much everything has changed from just a year ago. Three babies now!! Kjirsten just had hers and I can't wait to go see her! Every time we get together we pick up where we left off. They are such good friends and I wish we all lived closer to each other so we could hang out more!!