Sunday, January 30, 2011


On Saturday we went snowboarding with Jordan and Lindsay. I still can't decide if I like it or not considering I spend most of the time on my butt haha. I can't quite get the hang of it yet. I fell off the lift a few times, ran into a tree, and always somehow made my way over to where the jumps were at. I did have a good time I just hope that I get better in the next few times I go. Thank goodness I have a husband that was so patient in teaching me. Even when I started getting frustrated he was still being such a sweetheart. By the last run my thighs were burning so bad I could barely handle it. Hopefully I have better luck next time!

Happy Anniversary

January 15th was our first anniversary, time sure cruised by. It has been an amazing year. So many things have happened. I couldn't ask for a better guy to be married to. He has so many great qualities, and always keeps everything entertaining. We have gotten to do so many fun things since we have been married. I know it has only been a year, but I'm very excited for all the years to come!! For our anniversary we went to IFly in Ogden. (indoor skydiving) It was so much fun! Seriously we had such a blast. We will definitely be going again. We also went to a movie and dinner. It was great spending time together with Sam's busy school/work schedule. I love him so much, and couldn't ask for anything more in life.