Friday, December 31, 2010


The other night Lexi and Billy came over and we played the kinect. It was pretty funny to watch each other. I pretty much got dominated every game. I think I threw my arm out playing ping pong :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

So I did the pictures kind of backwards. But we had a really great Christmas! We got to spend lots of time with family. Here's a little of what we did...

Cute little Lily!
Laura, Brandon, Gavin, and Lily

Opening presents at my parents house. Thanks so much mom and dad!

All the kids kept going to papa to get him to put their toys together.

Hadley's cute skirt from Dayton

Sam did a wonderful job with my gifts. Thanks so much! I loved them all. We got p90x and are officially gonna look ripped! :)

Sam got a new phone. He needed one so bad!!

Our cute stockings we made.

Our wonderful Christmas tree!

Granny D made us these wonderful socks! She is amazing! I could never do something like that.

My cute sissy and Dayton

Our ugly sweater Christmas party!

Machelle, Lexi, Jennie, and me

Owl, Chase, Billy, Chase, Sam, Tim, and Doni

Cute Jersey dancing!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas with the Crossley's

Tonight we went over to Sam's parents house and celebrated Christmas. It was tons of fun! Santa came and visited the kids, and brought them presents. I love being able to get together as a family for the holidays! We love you guys so much.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my beautiful mom's birthday. Mom you are absolutely amazing! Seriously if I can be a third of what my mom is in life then I will be so so happy. She's such a good cook, unbelievably kind, and always laughs with me over stupid things. I love hanging out with her! She's one of my best friends! If I ever get told I'm like my mom its the best compliment I could ever get, and it makes my day. She raised all of her kids in the gospel, and has always been a great example of living it. She answers about 10 phone calls from me a day asking her cooking instructions, or just because I miss her and want to talk. She makes everyone feel so important. I could go on and on about my mom, because she has so many great qualities. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! LOVE YOU!!!

We went to dinner last night at that new pizza place at Riverwoods. It was very tasty! And of course its always a lot of fun getting together as a family!!

Fondue & Lights

On Thursday we went up with a bunch of friends to go see the cool lights at temple square! It was a lot of fun... pretty chilly!! We took the tracks, which I haven't done forever. We have the most entertaining friends!

After we went to the lights we went over to Billy & Lexi's house for fondue. It was SO good!! Thanks Jennie and Lexi!

We couldn't ask for better friends!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Bucket List

So Sam and I decided we were going to do a list of things we wanted to do before we died. This is what we came up with. When we do them we'll cross them off! They aren't in order of what we want to do first or last.

1. Sam graduate college
2. Have a family
3. Go to Ukraine (Sam's mission)
4. Get a house
5. Go to Tahiti and stay in one of those huts on the water
6. See the Phantom of the Opera (the play)
7. Go to New York and see a broadway show
8. Go to Havasupi (Sam has been, but I haven't)
9. Go to Fiji
10. Go to Australia
11. Go to New Zealand
12. Go to Paris
13. Go on a mission together
14. Drive across America from coast to coast
15. Go deep sea fishing in Alaska
16. Go backpacking
17. Run to the top of The Statue of Liberty
18. Go up in a hot air balloon (yet again Sam has, I haven't)
19. Go to a Taylor Swift concert
20. Go to a Celine Dion concert (I've been, Sam hasn't)
21. Get scuba certified
22. Go skydiving
23. Go on a TV show or be in the audience
24. Take a ride on the country's highest roller coaster
25. Go river rafting
26. Shower in a waterfall
27. Swim with a dolphin
28. Attend a super bowl or the Olympics
29. Cut down our Christmas tree
30. Learn to snowboard
31. Run a marathon
32. Grow a garden
33. Get passionate about a cause, and spend time helping it
34. Learn to play a musical instrument
35. Plant a tree, and when it gets big enough make a tree house
36. Send a message in a bottle
37. Work out 4 times a week for a year
38. Stop drinking soda
39. Kick Sam's butt in tennis
40. Go to a Jazz game
41. Rent out a houseboat and go to Lake Powell
42. Get a Jeep Wrangler
43. Make a time capsule
44. Stay in a suite
45. Take Sam to Disney Land
46. Stay at the Anniversary Inn
47. Hike Mt. Timp and watch the sunrise
48. Spend the weekend at a lodge
49. See a shooting star (I never have!!)
50. Paint our house
51. Have a walk in closet
52. Go to the country's largest mall
53. Ride in a limo
54. Ride in a horse carriage around temple square with the lights
55. Go paintballing
56. Go to the zoo