Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Place Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

So It was Hadley's birthday which gave us an excuse to go to Chuck E Cheese. It was a lot of fun. My dad was winning the jackpot. I got to see my mom shoot hoops (which she is pretty amazing at.) And I attempted going in the kids place to take the little ones that couldn't do it on their own. Yes I know I'm too big for it, and I figured that out by slamming my head on the ceiling a few times. But they really wanted to go on the slide. :) I also dominated all of the guys in the basketball game.. sorry but you all can't have the talent like I do. But we are focusing on Hadley because it was her birthday. She was so stinkin cute! She got a cute little blow up crown, and got to go in the ticket blaster with her dad. She seemed to have gotten 800 tickets-completely impressive! It was a good time to get together and bring out our inner kids. We sure have a fun family. Happy birthday Hadley!

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  1. HEYYY!!! So Jeff told my you called a while back like two days later! Then I went to go look for your number in my phone and it was not there!! CALL ME! I hope all is well.
    Oh ya, and I did have another baby ha!